If you have been involved in an accident ACC can help with the costs of your treatment.

Here at Three Kings Dental Centre we are a registered ACC provider and are able to see you for same day emergency treatment if you have been involved in an accident or sporting injury.

If you have had an accident involving one or more of your teeth you may be in a position to have the cost of your dental work subsidised or covered by ACC.

The amount that ACC will pay for a given injury depends on the nature of the injury itself as well as the pre-accident condition of the tooth / teeth involved. In most cases adults can expect ACC to pay approximately 70% of the total cost. The remaining balance of the treatment must be paid privately at the time of treatment.

If there is some doubt as to if, or how much, ACC will cover and we are unable to spare time for a prior approval request, we will charge the full fee, and refund the amount that ACC contributes.

We always welcome any enquiries you may have with regard to our services please do not hesitate to contact us.